crude «krood», adjective, crud|er, crud|est, noun.
1. in a natural or raw state; unrefined: »

Oil, ore, and sugar are crude before being refined and prepared for use.

SYNONYM(S): unfinished, unprocessed. See syn. under raw. (Cf.raw)
2. not mature; unripe: »

crude fruit.

SYNONYM(S): green.
3. rough; coarse: »

a crude log cabin, a crude chair made out of a box.

4. Sociology. roughly estimated or based on a yearly number (of births, deaths, or other vital statistics) per 1,000 people in a given area: »

the crude marriage rate.

5. lacking finish, grace, taste, or refinement: »

the crude manners of a rude person, a crude remark.

SYNONYM(S): rude.
= crude oil. (Cf.crude oil)
[< Latin crūdus raw]
crude´ly, adverb.
crude´ness, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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